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NutrientPower™ is about helping you take charge of your health by knowing which nutrients are vital to your well-being, how to shop wisely for yourself and the sake of the planet, and how you can know and monitor your nutrient levels while joining tens of thousands of health-conscious consumers who are advancing nutrient research. Learn more about NutrientPower and our current nutrient study.

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Most of us aren’t getting the nutrients we need. Know the key nutrients and how to get them.

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To make sure you are getting enough of the nutrients you need, you need to Know Your Levels.

Know Your Levels

Nutrient deficiencies are a national and global health problem.
Get to know the research that is redefining the power of nutrients.

Global Omega-3 Index Levels

Omega-3 insufficiency is a global concern. Low omega-3 fatty acid levels are associated with higher rates of chronic disease, particularly heart disease, adding up to billions of dollars in healthcare costs over time.

Global Omega-3 Index Levels
Global Omega-3 Index Levels Legend
Global Omega-3 Index Levels Legend

The map shows that many countries and regions have low or very low levels of the Omega-3 Index. Progress in Lipid Research 63 (2016) 132-152

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Our NutrientPower experts will help you navigate nutrition news and information so you can make the best choices for your health.

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