About Us is the online home of the NutrientPower™ initiative sponsored by the Organic & Natural Health Association, a nonprofit dedicated to informing and empowering conscious consumer choice. helps you understand the vital role nutrients play in the body, the frequency and dangers of nutrient deficiency and insufficiency, and how you can shop wisely to get the nutrients you need in your diet and through supplementation to help you achieve optimal health and prevent acute and chronic disease.

You’ll learn about vitamin D, which fights disease, boosts weight loss, and helps reduce depression in addition to being essential for bone health, and the omega-3s EPA & DHA, which play a vital role in brain, eye, heart and overall health. You’ll also learn about other nutrients that many Americans simply aren’t getting enough of such as magnesium, K2, the B-complex vitamins, and more.

Approximately 90% of American children and adults overall aren’t getting enough vitamin D.

Omega-3 insufficiency is a global health concern, with most American adults having “very low” levels. also connects you with the opportunity to enroll in our consumer-based nutrient studies, where you can measure and track your levels of key nutrients and compare your results and health status to larger groups and populations – all from the privacy and convenience of your own home.

When you enroll in our current independent, third-party IRB study, you’ll complete a health and lifestyle questionnaire, complete the easy-to-use and reliable blood spot self-tests – one for omega-3 and one for vitamin D, and receive your confidential results online within two weeks.

The test results are evaluated and compiled by the nonprofit GrassrootsHealth, a world leader in Vitamin D research and population-based nutrition research. Your test kit will be mailed to you directly from GrassrootsHealth, and your study enrollment fee includes a 50% discount on high quality vitamin D and omega-3 supplements.  

Collectively, we are changing the way health care is delivered by demonstrating how nutrients change health care status.

Know Your Levels Live Life Well

About the Organic & Natural Health Association

Through a unique partnership between companies and consumers, the Organic & Natural Health Association (O&N) brings together raw ingredient suppliers, manufacturers, finished product companies, retailers and consumer organizations to promote and advance the health and well-being of people, animals and plants, and the planet.

Our Mission: Unite consumers and corporations and transform business practices in alignment with regenerative systems to support the health of people and planet

O&N is accomplishing its mission by advancing research to redefine how health care is delivered, providing quality education to inform and empower conscious consumer choice, and advocating for meaningful public policy to improve consumer health and support the health and resiliency of the planet.

O&N and its members are committed to four guiding principles — transparency, traceability, accessibility and continuous quality improvement — in the production and manufacturing of foods, dietary supplements, and personal care products.

The Organic & Natural Health Association does not make any profit on the sale of the at-home nutrient screening test kits.

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